TE Connectivity – Current Sensing Resistors Deliver Solutions Over Wide Resistance, Power and Size Ranges


When designing power supplies and regulated battery circuits, the aim is to eliminate the risk of short circuits or overcurrent conditions which are likely to damage other components. TE Connectivity’s current sense resistors are a simple and economic solution. What is a Current Sensing Resistor? Current sensing products are established industry favorites among resistive products which, as with most common passive products, […]

TE Connectivity – CPC series: UV Resistant Sealed Circular Plastic Connectors Save Cost, Complexity and Space


The TE Connectivity UV resistant sealed Circular Plastic Connector (CPC) series uses UL F1-rated resin meeting industry standards for long term UV exposure, minimizing degradation of parts that are installed outdoors and saving the costs of frequently replacing UV degraded components. In addition, the connectors are sealed to IP67 and require no supplementary enclosure to […]

TE Connectivity – Splashproof Micro USB 2.0 Connector from TE Connectivity


    Splashproof Micro USB 2.0 Connector – Seal against moisture & debris Ruggedized molded connector interface provides complete seal • Provides protection against water and dust ingress to allow end-application rating up to IP54 • Conforms to the micro USB 2.0 performance specifi cation • Mates with standard micro USB 2.0 B type receptacles […]

TE Connectivity – High Speed Backplane Board-to-board Connectors


    TE Connectivity o‹ffers a broad portfolio of high-speed, high-performance backplane connectors and cable assemblies for aggregate data rates greater than 100 GB/s (up to 40 GB/s per differential pair). • Enables orthogonal and cabled backplane architectures • Reduced connector noise and insertion loss • Optimized PCB footprints FEATURES • Impact Connector | Data […]

TE Connectivity – Z-PACK Slim UHD Connectors for High Speed Signal Applications


    Z-PACK Slim UHD connector system is a flexible and upgradeable system designed to fit 15mm (0.6 inch) slot pitch applications and above. The Z-PACK Slim UHD connector has an extremely high contact density combined with excellent high speed signal performance. Connector Concept • Multiple types of high speed pin assignments are possible, some […]

Resettable Circuit Protection for Robot Vacuums


In recent years the development of information technology, artificial intelligence, sensor techniques and mobile robot technology has led to intelligent systems being applied to smaller household appliances. One of the most representative products of this trend is the robot vacuum cleaner. Since the launch of the first commercial robot vacuums in the U.S. in the […]

Compact Relays Switch a Broad Array of Loads Up to 30A


TE Connectivity’s (TE) general purpose high power PCB/panel relays have been establishing industry benchmarks for nearly 30 years beginning with the Potter & Brumfield T90 relay. Since that time, additional models such as the T9A, T92 and T9C have greatly expanded the feature set. Both 1- and 2-pole types are now available with AC or […]