Future Electronics – Flyback Transformer Design: Practical Guidance on Minimizing Losses


By: David Woodcock, BSc, MEng, MBA, System Design Center Manager, Future Electronics There are many possible topologies for a Switch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS), but the most popular for circuits supplying a load less than 150W is the flyback converter. Some estimates go so far as to suggest that up to 75% of offline power supplies […]

Future Electronics – Silicon Carbide: Time for the Adventurous Designer to Take Advantage of the Latest Standard Products


By: Erich Niklas, Power Specialist FAE, Future Electronics The performance advantages of Silicon Carbide (SiC), a wide bandgap material, are well known to designers of high-voltage power systems. The drawbacks of the products and the supply chain that supported them, however, have in the past appeared sufficiently serious to dissuade some designers from taking the […]