Vishay – Solutions for Industrial Power Applications


Vishay’s key passive and semiconductor components for industrial applications in Europe and the Americas. VLMU5200-385-140 – LED UV LED Provides Energy-Saving Replacement for Mercury Lamps in Industrial Applications Ceramic-based UV device with silicone lens offers extremely long lifetime and high power to 3600 mW SiHHxxN60E – MOSFETs Space Saving 600 V E Series MOSFETs in […]

Vishay – VCNL4100: Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor Offers Up to 1m Proximity Range


VCNL4100 integrates a high sensitivity long distance proximity sensor (PS), ambient light sensor (ALS), and 940nm IRED into one small package. It incorporates photodiodes, amplifiers, and analog to digital converting circuits into a single chip using a CMOS process. The 16-bit high resolution ALS offers excellent sensing capabilities with sufficient selections to fulfill most applications […]

Vishay – Vishay’s Power Solutions


Vishay offers a broad selection of MOSFETs and switching regulators for your power supply application. Vishay offers many industry first and industry best devices including: • Gen IV MOSFETs (30V to 80V) • ThunderFETTM MOSFETs (80V to 250V) • E Series MOSFETs (600V to 650V) • microBUCK® family switching regulators • P- & N-Ch MOSFETs […]

Vishay – Power Metal Strip® Resistors, Low Value (Down to 0.0003Ω), Surface Mount


     Vishay’s Power Metal Strip current sensing resistors combine superior performance in high temperature applications with a wide range of package sizes and a choice of resistance values from 0.0002Ω to 1Ω. These patented, state-of-the-art products deliver overload capabilities equivalent to wirewound devices and temperature coefficients as low as 30ppm/°C. Current sensing Power Metal Strip […]

Vishay – TPCxxCA Series Bi-Directional 1500W PAR® TVS


High Power Density to Save Board Space and Lower Costs Vishay Intertechnology introduces the industry’s first bi-directional 1500W surface mount PAR transient voltage suppressors (TVS) in the lowprofile eSMPTM SMPC (TO-277A) package. With their low height of 1.1mm, devices in the Vishay General Semiconductor TPCxxCA series offer a 52% lower profile than TVS in the […]

Vishay – New 4-Line ESD Protection Diode Provides Extreme Size Reduction for Portable Electronics


           Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. released a new 4-line ESD protection array for portable electronics in the ultra-compact chip-level CLP1007-5L package. Offering an extreme size reduction over previous-generation components without sacrificing performance, the VBUS54FD-SD1 offers low capacitance and leakage current for the protection of high speed data lines against transient voltage signals. Measuring only 1.0 x […]

Vishay – Optoelectronics: Bright Ideas, Stellar Products


         The VCNL4100 can sense objects up to 1 meter away. As a fully integrated sensor, it includes an infrared emitter, proximity detector, ambient light sensor, signal conditioning IC, and I2C interface. It offers a programmable interrupt feature to react to user-defined upper and lower thresholds, background light cancellation, and FiltronTM technology for on-chip ambient […]

Vishay – Kelvin Connections in New 600V MOSFETs Reduce Effects of Gate Loop Inductance


Vishay Intertechnology is now offering its 600V E Series power MOSFETs in a compact PowerPAK® 8×8 package which allows for an improved gate-drive circuit and faster switching. Vishay’s new SiHH26N60E, SiHH21N60E, SiHH14N60E, and SiHH11N60E all feature a large drain terminal for low thermal resistance. Their low-profile, surface mount PowerPAK package provides a space-saving alternative to […]

Vishay – 100V N-Channel MOSFETs Feature Lower Conduction Losses


        Vishay has introduced two 100V N-channel MOSFETs with very low on-resistance which enable power-system designers to benefit from higher efficiency, especially in equipment which is constantly on. The SUM70040E and SUP70040E feature maximum on-resistance of 4mΩ, a low value which helps the user to keep conduction losses to a minimum when the host equipment […]