Vishay – Optoelectronics: Bright Ideas, Stellar Products


         The VCNL4100 can sense objects up to 1 meter away. As a fully integrated sensor, it includes an infrared emitter, proximity detector, ambient light sensor, signal conditioning IC, and I2C interface. It offers a programmable interrupt feature to react to user-defined upper and lower thresholds, background light cancellation, and FiltronTM technology for on-chip ambient […]

Vishay – Kelvin Connections in New 600V MOSFETs Reduce Effects of Gate Loop Inductance


Vishay Intertechnology is now offering its 600V E Series power MOSFETs in a compact PowerPAK® 8×8 package which allows for an improved gate-drive circuit and faster switching. Vishay’s new SiHH26N60E, SiHH21N60E, SiHH14N60E, and SiHH11N60E all feature a large drain terminal for low thermal resistance. Their low-profile, surface mount PowerPAK package provides a space-saving alternative to […]

Vishay – 100V N-Channel MOSFETs Feature Lower Conduction Losses


        Vishay has introduced two 100V N-channel MOSFETs with very low on-resistance which enable power-system designers to benefit from higher efficiency, especially in equipment which is constantly on. The SUM70040E and SUP70040E feature maximum on-resistance of 4mΩ, a low value which helps the user to keep conduction losses to a minimum when the host equipment […]

Vishay – Wearable Technology


                 UVI VEML6075 UVA and UVB sensor with 16-bit resolution per channel Peak sensitivity at 330 nm and 365 nm 1.8 V low-voltage operation in compact 4-pin package DISPLAY CONTROL VEML6040 RGBW sensor 16-bit resolution for each channel Selectable maximum detection range (up to 16000 lux) TEMD6200FX01 Analog 0805 ambient light sensor Sensitive area of […]

Vishay – Add Performance to Your Industrial Power Application with power MOSFETs and power Ics


         Vishay offers a wide-ranging portfolio of power MOSFETs and power ICs to boost the performance of classic industrial applications such as power factor correction, SMPS, OR-ing control, and synchronous rectification. These products, along with the sense resistors, inductors, and capacitors in the Vishay passives portfolio, provide robust back- bones for mission critical designs and […]

Vishay – The Ideal Optocoupler: IL300 Linear, High-Bandwidth, Constant Gain Optocoupler


Optocouplers that feature an LED isolated from a phototransistor provide excellent isolation and electrical performance for most analog power applications. Yet standard couplers experience gain drift as well as limited bandwidth. In applications where a rock-steady gain, high bandwidth, and excellent linearity are required, the IL300 is the closest thing to an ideal analog isolator […]

Vishay – DG2592: Audio Jack Detector with Send/End Detect


Analog Signal Chain The DG2592 is an audio jack detector and pop noise control switch IC that features integrated circuits for detecting the presence of a stereo headset with a microphone and send/end control button. The device features a wide operating range of 1.6V to 5.5V, low quiescent current of 10μA max. at 1.8V, and […]

Vishay – Power Metal Strip® Resistor Handles Up to 0.5W in Space-Saving 1206 Case Size


        The new surface mount Power Metal Strip current sense resistor is in a compact 1206 case size that combines an extended power rating to 0.5W with a Kelvin 4-terminal connection that reduces TCR down to 35ppm and enables tight tolerances down to 0.1% for increased measurement accuracy. To minimize excess power dissipation, the Vishay […]

Vishay – Light-to-Digital


How bright is it? Ambient Light Sensor VEML6030X01 • 16 bit resolution • Four sensitivity levels • Upper and lower threshold interrupts Getting sunburned? UV A and B Sensor VEML6075 • 16 bit resolution for each channel • UVA sensitivity of 0.93 counts per μW/cm2 • UVB sensitivity of 2.10 counts per μW/cm2 Is someone […]