Vishay – Wearable Technology


                 UVI VEML6075 UVA and UVB sensor with 16-bit resolution per channel Peak sensitivity at 330 nm and 365 nm 1.8 V low-voltage operation in compact 4-pin package DISPLAY CONTROL VEML6040 RGBW sensor 16-bit resolution for each channel Selectable maximum detection range (up to 16000 lux) TEMD6200FX01 Analog 0805 ambient light sensor Sensitive area of […]

Vishay – Add Performance to Your Industrial Power Application with power MOSFETs and power Ics


         Vishay offers a wide-ranging portfolio of power MOSFETs and power ICs to boost the performance of classic industrial applications such as power factor correction, SMPS, OR-ing control, and synchronous rectification. These products, along with the sense resistors, inductors, and capacitors in the Vishay passives portfolio, provide robust back- bones for mission critical designs and […]

Vishay – The Ideal Optocoupler: IL300 Linear, High-Bandwidth, Constant Gain Optocoupler


Optocouplers that feature an LED isolated from a phototransistor provide excellent isolation and electrical performance for most analog power applications. Yet standard couplers experience gain drift as well as limited bandwidth. In applications where a rock-steady gain, high bandwidth, and excellent linearity are required, the IL300 is the closest thing to an ideal analog isolator […]

Vishay – DG2592: Audio Jack Detector with Send/End Detect


Analog Signal Chain The DG2592 is an audio jack detector and pop noise control switch IC that features integrated circuits for detecting the presence of a stereo headset with a microphone and send/end control button. The device features a wide operating range of 1.6V to 5.5V, low quiescent current of 10μA max. at 1.8V, and […]

Vishay – Power Metal Strip® Resistor Handles Up to 0.5W in Space-Saving 1206 Case Size


        The new surface mount Power Metal Strip current sense resistor is in a compact 1206 case size that combines an extended power rating to 0.5W with a Kelvin 4-terminal connection that reduces TCR down to 35ppm and enables tight tolerances down to 0.1% for increased measurement accuracy. To minimize excess power dissipation, the Vishay […]

Vishay – Light-to-Digital


How bright is it? Ambient Light Sensor VEML6030X01 • 16 bit resolution • Four sensitivity levels • Upper and lower threshold interrupts Getting sunburned? UV A and B Sensor VEML6075 • 16 bit resolution for each channel • UVA sensitivity of 0.93 counts per μW/cm2 • UVB sensitivity of 2.10 counts per μW/cm2 Is someone […]

Vishay : Extended T55 Series of Polymer Tantalum Chip Capacitors


     Vishay’s extended T55 series of polymer tantalum chip capacitors offers new devices in D and V case sizes and higher voltage ratings from 16V to 35V. The extended T55 series of vPolyTan™ surface mount polymer tantalum molded chip capacitors are new devices in the D and V case sizes, with higher voltage ratings from […]



Vishay has stepped up to the challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT) with a broad portfolio of unique passive and active solutions. These best-in-class components are optimally suited for the “Things” being controlled and monitored through IoT applications. MSS2P2 – RECTIFIER High-Power-Density Schottky Rectifier in Low-Profile MicroSMP Package Low forward voltage drop, low power […]

Vishay – 600 V E Series MOSFETs in PowerPAK® 8 x 8


         The new 600 V E Series features Kelvin connections to reduce gate drive inductance. The construction of the PowerPAK 8 x 8 package allows one of the source pins to be arranged as a dedicated Kelvin source connection that separates the gate drive return path from the main current carrying source terminals. This prevents […]

Vishay – VOM160 / VO2223A : Make Appliances Smarter with Opto-Isolation


    Even the humble coffee maker now has sophisticated microprocessor-based power control features. This requires the control of AC power using sensitive digital devices on the same board. Vishay’s phototriacs are particularly useful in isolating these devices from noisy and dangerous line voltages. Vishay’s VOM160 comes in an extremely small footprint of just 5 x […]