Altech Corp. – All-in-One DC-UPS and Ultra Capacitor DC-UPS


Battery Based All-in-One DC-UPS (Excellent for Cold Weather Climates) Power supply, battery charger, battery care module and backup module in one device Most compact in the industry Available in 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC Adjustable charging current up to 35A Can be used with 6 different battery types No Battery Ultra Capacitor DC-UPS Up to 15 […]

CUI – The Power of Things


The Power of ThingsTM Technology is transforming the world around us at a rapid pace. While you are designing the products that will save lives and bring global communities together, we are developing the power systems to support your most demanding applications. Our power expertise and collaborative approach are in place to support you while […]

Crydom – The Global Expert in Solid State Switching Technology


Powerful Up to 35 Amps in DIN rail mount & 95 Amps in panel mount Innovative Elevator screw output terminal for easy installation Versatile Two terminal configuration options: Screw or spring cage input terminals NOVA22 Excellence in innovation from the leader

Future Connectivity Solutions – Create, Connect, Control Hands-on workshop featuring NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart


Free hands-on workshop Future Connectivity Solutions is pleased to offer a one day free hands-on workshop introducing attendees to three key technologies for the Internet of Things: NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart. Demo Fairs With Leading Manufacturers In between the workshop classes, speak with some of the industry leading experts on their latest IoT technologies […]

Future Lighting Solutions – Making LED Lighting Solutions SimpleTM


We Accelerate Time to Revenue by Providing: – The Most Comprehensive System-Level Product Portfolio – Solid-State Lighting Expertise – Design Support Services – Global Supply Chain and Business Solutions

Hongfa – Hongfa Relays Smart Home Applications


Our rapidly changing world is creating new demands to our energy. These demands are challenging engineers around the globe to develop new solutions to manage our energy. They are creating systems and controls used by smart homes and consumers. Hongfa has developed a line of products that provide the switching needs to the intelligent controls. […]

Intersil – Power dense modules; 3A ISL8202M and 5A ISL8205M for compact <10A designs


Power dense, easy to use, fully integrated DC to DC point-of-load solutions for all your low voltage applications Intersil power modules are simple to design, and offer the smallest footprint for a given output current. • Pin-compatible 3A ISL8202M and 5A ISL8205M single channel power modules offer a 2.6V to 5.5V input voltage range, 0.6V […]

Qualtek – Low Cost High Reliability AC/DC Switch Mode Power Supplies


Qualtek offers a full range of low cost, high reliability and energy saving power supplies. Our power supplies consist of enclosed, open frame, wall mount, desktop and medical approved; our enclosed versions are rated from 15W – 800W, Open frame from 20W – 200W, and desktop and wall mount from 5W – 200W. FEATURES Universal […]

Renesas – RL78 Family – Bringing Ultra-Low-Power to your application


The extensive family of Renesas RL78 microcontrollers consists of both general-purpose devices and application-specific MCUs. These increasingly popular MCUs make ultra-low-power applications possible by giving system designers advanced power-saving features and high-performance operation. RL78’s Low-power Modes Maximize Battery Life Three low-power modes maximize battery life by either putting on-chip functions such as the CPU, clock […]

SEMTECH – Power Management Products


SemTech Power Management Products Learn More Wireless Charging Single controller, multiple standards Medium & Highpower Low-power Flexible, firmware based Neo-IsoTM Isolated Power Small form factor Silent operation Fast switching times Ideal relay replacement DC-DC Converters Buck & boost High efficiency Fast response Smallest footprint LDOs Ultra-low Iq Low voltage LED Drivers High efficiency Low noise […]