Diodes Inc. – DGD2103/04: Half Bridge Gate Drivers in SO-8


Drivers The DGD2103/4 is a high-voltage/high-speed gate driver family capable of driving N-channel MOSFETs and IGBTs in a half bridge configuration. High-voltage processing techniques enable the DGD2103/4’s high side to switch to 600V in a bootstrap operation. The DGD2103/4 logic inputs are compatible with standard TTL and CMOS levels (down to 3.3V) to interface easily […]

Exar – XR33152/56/58: ±60V Fault Tolerant 3.0V to 5.5V TIA-485/TIA-422 Transceivers


Interface The XR33152/XR33156/XR33158 is a high performance TIA-485/TIA-422 transceiver family designed for improved performance in noisy industrial environments and increased tolerance to system faults. The analog bus pins can withstand direct shorts up to ±60V and are protected against ESD events up to ±15kV HBM. An extended ±25V common mode operating range allows for more […]

Fairchild – FUSB302: Programmable USB Type-C Controller with PD


Interface USB Type-C controller The FUSB302 targets systems looking to implement a DRP/SRC/SNK USB Type-C connector with low amount of programmability. The FUSB302 enables the USB Type-C detection including attach, and orientation. The FUSB302 integrates the physical layer of the USB BMC power delivery protocol to allow up to 100W of power and role swap. […]

Infineon – IR44252L/272L/273L: Compact 25V Low Side Gate Drivers in 5-Lead SOT23 Package


Drivers The IR442xxL is a family of low voltage, wide VCC range, power MOSFET and IGBT non-inverting gate drivers. Proprietary latch immune CMOS technologies enable ruggedized monolithic construction. The logic input is compatible with standard CMOS or LSTTL output. The output driver features a current buffer stage. The IR44272L includes an enable input with internal […]

Intersil – ISL78227/29: Multi-Phase 55V Synchronous Boost Controllers Simplify Automotive Power System Design


Power Regulation, Conversion and Management The ISL78227/9 is an automotive grade (AEC-Q100 Grade 1), 2-phase 55V synchronous boost controller family intended to simplify the design of high power boost applications. It integrates strong half bridge drivers, an analog/digital tracking input, and comprehensive protection functions. The ISL78229 also features a PMBusTM interface for added control and […]

Microchip – MCP39F521: I2C Power Monitor with Calculation and Energy Accumulation


Analog Signal Chain The MCP39F521 is a highly integrated, single-phase power-monitoring IC designed for real-time measurement of input power for AC/DC power supplies, providing power and energy values. It includes dual-channel delta sigma ADCs, a 16-bit calculation engine, EEPROM and a flexible 2-wire interface. An integrated low-drift voltage reference in addition to the 94.5dB of […]

MPS – MP173: 700V Non-Isolated Off-Line Regulator with Up to 280mA Output Current


Power Regulation, Conversion and Management MP173 is a primary-side regulator that provides accurate constant voltage (CV) regulation without an opto- coupler. It supports buck, boost, buck-boost, and flyback topologies. It has an integrated 700V MOSFET to simplify the structure and reduce cost. These features make it an ideal regulator for offline, low power applications, such […]

Vishay – DG2592: Audio Jack Detector with Send/End Detect


Analog Signal Chain The DG2592 is an audio jack detector and pop noise control switch IC that features integrated circuits for detecting the presence of a stereo headset with a microphone and send/end control button. The device features a wide operating range of 1.6V to 5.5V, low quiescent current of 10μA max. at 1.8V, and […]