CUI INC – New Line of USB 2.0 and 3.0 Connectors Expands CUI’s Interconnect Portfolio


        The new connector family incorporates USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectors available in Type A, Type B, Micro AB, Micro B, Mini AB and Mini B USB versions. Able to support data rates up to 5Gbps in USB 3.0 models, the new product family is ideal for a variety of I/O applications in consumer and […]

Cypress – Enabling Long Range Connectivity in Industrial and Commercial IoT Applications


By Utsav Ghosh, Product Marketing; Matthew Salmanpour, Distribution Marketing; Cypress Semiconductor Corporation BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY IS ENABLING LONG RANGE IOT Bluetooth has traditionally been viewed as a short range technology for audio and personal area networks. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) however is being adopted in a wide array of industrial and commercial/consumer IoT applications like […]

Cypress – Introducing PSoC® 6: Purpose-Built for the IoT


Introducing the PSoC 6 MCU Portfolio PSoC 6 is Cypress’ newest PSoC MCU, purpose-built for the IoT. The PSoC 6 MCU is built on a cutting-edge, ultra-low-power 40-nm process technology, and delivers the industry’s best combination of ultra-low-power consumption, flexibility, security, and high-performance. PSoC 6 utilizes a flexible, dual ARM® Cortex®-M architecture which optimizes for […]

IDT – High Efficiency, Turnkey Reference Designs for 15W Applications


          IDT’s wireless power reference kits are targeted for applications ranging from 5W to 15W. The turnkey wireless power reference solution is comprised of both a transmitter board (P9242-R-EVK) and a receiver board (P9221-R-EVK) that are WPC-1.2.2 compliant. The reference kit solution is a comprehensive turnkey wireless power reference design for immediate prototyping. An associated […]

Infineon – BGS1xPN10 Family for Mobile Cellular Rx/Tx Applications (High Linearity/RF Switches, SPDT, SP3T and SP4T)


        The BGS12PN10 single pole dual throw (SPDT), the BGS13PN10 single pole triple throw (SP3T) and the BGS14PN10 single pole quad throw (SP4T) are high linearity, high power RF switches optimized for mobile phone applications up to 6.0GHz. These single supply chips integrate on-chip CMOS logic driven by a simple, CMOS or TTL compatible control […]

METZ Connect – High Performance C6A RJ45 Field Plug Pro


The C6A RJ45 Field Plug Pro from METZ CONNECT is the ideal solution for structured cabling, AV equipment, security, and Industrial Ethernet terminations. It provides reliable connections and is extremely simple to install on site without requiring special tools. METZ CONNECT offers the C6A RJ45 field plug in a straight 180°, P/N 130E405032-E and a […]

NXP – Kinetis KW41Z Wireless MCU: A Single Chip for Multi-Protocol Connectivity Challenges


           Many designs with wireless capabilities require more than one chip to achieve wireless multi-protocol connectivity. It is becoming more prevalent for new designs of connected end-nodes to support two different wireless protocols that work concurrently, for improved functionality and user experience. This is the way forward for the Internet of Tomorrow (IoT). As this […]

ON Semiconductor – Sensors: Redefining the Status Quo


For quite some time the semiconductor industry has focused on the needs of heightened market segments related to the IoT. ON Semiconductor does in fact offer power management and wireless connectivity, but sensors are what these systems require to interact with any physical elements. The boundaries of what a sensor can do or achieve is […]

Renesas – RTOS and Middleware. It’s All Included with the Synergy Platform.


Real-time operating system is optimized for size, performance, and ease of use on Synergy MCUs The Synergy Platform integrates Express Logic’s popular ThreadX® real-time operating system. This RTOS ensures reliable system operation, supports an API that allows portability across Synergy MCUs, and minimizes the length of system development cycles. ThreadX RTOS features an extremely fast, […]

TE Connectivity – TE Connectivity’s Industrial USB Connectors


With over six billion USB ports installed globally, TE’s industrial USB connectors are ideal for any industrial USB application requiring a high locking force or a sealed design. To support the increasingly widespread use of the USB standard in industrial applications, TE Connectivity has added industrial ruggedized connectors to its USB connector family. The Latching […]