Infineon – Digital and Configurable Multimode Flyback Controller Ideal for Smart Lighting


       The digital core of the XDPL8220 enables a variety of systems based on the same device. Its advanced control algorithms provide the possibility to realize lighting Electronic Control Gear (ECG) for constant current or constant voltage mode in the same circuit. The power limitation mode keeps the light on while it optimally utilizes the […]

Lumileds – LUXEON 2835 Line


Perfected performance, built on a proven legacy LUXEON 2835 Line is a collection of compact devices that allows for design freedom and provides a superior overall system solution when a project requires high lumen output and good efficacy. With an industry standard footprint, the LUXEON 2835 Line is the perfect upgrade for other 2835 products […]

Lumileds – Matrix Platform built-to-spec You dream it—we build it.


With the revolutionary Lumileds Matrix Platform, you get market-leading LUXEON LEDs configured exactly how you want them for use in your most exacting luminaire designs. Available fully assembled on flexible or rigid substrates and integrated with optics, connectors, wiring, driver on board and electronics—Lumileds will work with you to ensure the configuration you select is […]

ON Semiconductor – LED Direct AC Drive Solutions


What is a direct AC driver (DACD) for LEDs? Let’s first start with the more traditional approach for LED lighting with an AC source. This traditional approach is called Switch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) and generates a regulated output current. This SMPS driver requires electrolytic capacitors, magnetic components, and EMI filters. In addition, it must sit […]

Renesas – Enabling Intelligence, Efficiency and Power Factor with DALI and DMX


RL78 for Lighting Applications RL78/I1A GROUP Devices in the RL78/I1A product group offer dedicated lighting-communication features and power-stage control capabilities. They can communicate with a host controller for altering lighting intensity and/or color. • High-resolution PWM timers enable excellent lighting control performance • Support for the DALI/DMX512 communication standard aids system integration • Features of […]

TE Connectivity – Introducing the ANSI C136.41 Compliant, Fully Rotatable Dimming Receptacle


TE Connectivity launches a new ANSI C136.41 compliant, fully rotatable dimming receptacle which provides an electrical and mechanical interconnection between an ANSI C136.41-2013 photo control cell and luminaire. Ideal for outdoor commercial and utility lighting, the ANSI C136.41 compliant dimming receptacle is available with two or four dimming contacts to support either 0VDC or 10VDC […]

TE Connectivity – Introducing the Poke-In Slim Wire Connector


        TE Connectivity introduces the Poke-in Slim Wire connector, designed for quick and easy wire-to-board and board-to-board connectivity in a low profile, slim form factor. The releasable contact function along with the design for multiple wire sizes allows for convenience in installation and rework. Additionally, the low profile and small footprint allow for high density […]

TE Connectivity – The NECTOR M Power System


TE Connectivity’s (TE) NECTOR M power system is a flexible, fully pluggable, modular wiring connector and cabling system for permanent power and data circuit electrical installations. The NECTOR M power system offers an ideal solution for both indoor and a sealed version for outdoor applications. Providing a reconfigurable “plug and play” alternative to traditional hard-wired […]

TE Connectivity – SlimSeal Connector Miniature Series


TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the SlimSeal connector miniature series. This IP67 rated connector can withstand the harshest of environments, making it suitable for outdoor lighting and other high humidity applications. The SlimSeal connector miniature series features a press-to-release spring latch, helping to ensure that your connector mating is secure. This connector comes in three colors […]

Zilog – Motion Sensing Is More Important Than Ever


For Ultra Low Power applications that support a wide array of lenses including Pet Immunity! The ZMOTION MCU provides all the features and functions needed for intelligent Intrusion Detection applications. FEATURES 2KB Flash and 256 Bytes of RAM available for user application code Integrated ZMOTION engine performs all motion detection functions including pet immunity and […]