C&K Components – Innovative Switch Solutions


C&K is a leader in interface and switch technology. C&K offers more than 55,000 part numbers that are built, priced and delivered as standard catalog items, including a comprehensive range of tactile, toggle, rocker, push-button, rotary, key, slide, DIP, and illuminated switch products along with smart card connectors. DETECT: HDT Series The HDT Series detect […]

E-Switch – Small Surface Mount Switches Offer Long Operating Lifetime


            The TL3780 from E-Switch is a series of extremely small surface mount tact switches which have a footprint of just 2.0 x 3.0mm and a very low profile of 0.60mm. These switches are ideal for applications in which space is at a premium, and in which long operating life is an important requirement. E-Switch […]

Infineon – IR1161L and IR11688S: Synchronous Rectification Controllers for SMPS


            Infineon is launching a new synchronous rectification controller family for switch mode power supply. This year, U.S. DoE and EU CoC standards are demanding higher efficiency from external power supplies; up to 3% efficiency improvement is required to meet the new standards. Together with Infineon’s best in class OptiMOSTM and StrongIRFETTM, IR1161L and IR11688S […]

Littelfuse – LV UltraMOV® Varistor Series Low Voltage, High Surge Current Varistors


Continuous Voltage Rating to 125VDC and Peak Surge Current Ratings to 10kA The LV UltraMOV Varistor Series has been expanded to provide solutions for applications with higher DC voltage and surge requirements. The expanded line adds higher continuous voltage ratings from 65VDC to 125VDC, and an enhanced surge current rating of up to 10kA (8/20μs […]

Littelfuse – Ultra-Low Forward Voltage Drop Schottky Barrier Rectifier Outperforms Conventional Switching Diodes


         The LFUSCD Series of silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes is the latest addition to Littelfuse’s growing line of power semiconductor products. When compared to standard silicon bipolar power diodes, LFUSCD Series SiC Schottky diodes allow designers to reduce switching losses, accommodate large surge currents without thermal runaway, and operate at higher junction temperatures, all […]

METZ CONNECT – SM99 and SR99 Single Pole Spring Type Terminal Blocks


The single terminal blocks SM99 and SR99 both have a very compact design and accept wire cross sections up to 16AWG. With the push-in technique for wire insertion and a large finger push-button for wire release, they deliver optimum ease of use. In addition, they feature a high level of connection reliability with their wire […]

Nicomatic – CrimpFlexTM 1.27mm Jumper Cables


        CrimpFlex jumper cables are dedicated to connections from board-to-board and available in 2 market standard pitches, 1.27mm and 2.54mm. Nicomatic jumper cables are a combination of flat flex cables (manufactured in the US) and CrimpFlex contacts and housings. They are made of flat copper conductors laminated between two layers of polyester/adhesive insulation and crimped […]

NKK – Dual Seal Waterproof All-in-One M Series Toggle Switch


           When the application requires a highly reliable, double layer, waterproof toggle switch with an IP-rating, engineers now have a new option to choose from with the unveiling of the Dual Seal Waterproof M Series Toggle Switch by NKK Switches. The new Dual Seal Waterproof M Series toggle switch is the first complete all-in-one waterproof […]

ON Semiconductor – Integrated Intelligence – Quality and Reliability


Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) simplify the design of power inverters and motor drivers by incorporating all the individual components for these functions onto a single device. These highly integrated devices improve the pre-driver and output power stages of these circuits by incorporating boot strap diodes, under-voltage protection, and over-current protection. ON Semiconductor’s use of Insulated […]

Renesas – Secure Industrial Solutions Today!


       Renesas and Skkynet, a Verified Software Add-on (VSA) partner, bring you a secure-by-net architecture for real-time data communications on your device! The Renesas Synergy PlatformTM enables you to focus on great products – we help you connect them. Now you can IoT-enable your products quickly and securely. View your data on the web, feed […]