TE Connectivity – FC22 Compression Load Cell


TE Connectivity’s (TE) FC22 is a medium compression force sensor that creates new markets previously unrealizable due to cost and performance constraints. The FC22 offers normalized zero and span for interchangeability and is thermally compensated for changes in zero and span with respect to temperature. The FC22 incorporates TE’s MEAS’ proprietary Microfused technology which employs […]

TE Connectivity – Precision in Extreme Temperature Environments


TE Connectivity’s Platinum Temperature (PTF) sensor family combines a group of resistance temperature detectors (RTD) using a platinum resistor in thin film technology as a sensing element. The characteristic curves of this platinum RTDs are compliant with DIN EN 60751. The usage of platinum as resistive material guarantees high long term stability. A platinum RTD […]

TE Connectivity – Sensor Development Boards


TE Connectivity (TE) sensor development boards help accelerate rapid prototyping of new development designs. With low power and a small footprint, they are particularly suitable for wearable and connected devices that gather and share information about health monitoring, fitness, air quality and related applications. Each provides the necessary hardware and software libraries to interface with […]