Digi International – Complete Capabilities and Flexibility – ConnectCore® 6UL SBC Pro


Powerful, secure, pre-certified connected Single Board Computer in standard form factor with complete design flexibility. The ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro delivers the ultimate connected off-the-shelf NXP i.MX6UL single board computer with complete capabilities and unparalleled design flexibility. Its unique pre-certified wireless connectivity options offer 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2, including Bluetooth Low Energy. Out-of-box cellular […]

ON Semiconductor – Welcome the RSL10: The Industry’s Lowest Power Bluetooth® Technology


Wireless connectivity within the IoT space has ushered in a focused concentration on automation and control along with information analytics. Wearable devices emphasize the need for activity tracking and location awareness while medical devices require sensor driven decision analytics. These areas of focus all culminate and necessitate that the wireless connectivity within the end application […]

Cypress – Nebula IoT Reference Design Board


PURCHASE A BOARD FOR ONLY $99, or REGISTER TO QUALIFY TO RECEIVE A FREE BOARD For more information or to buy the Nebula IoT Development Board To register for the Nebula Hands-On Training Workshop  

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CUI USB 2.0 Cypress Bluetooth Low Energy EZ-BLETM PSOC® MODULES Infineon BGS12PN10 BGS13PN10 BGS14PN10 IDT P9242-R-EVK P9221-R-EVK METZ CONNECT Field Plug Pro NXP Kinetis KW41Z MCU FRDM-KW41Z USB-KW41Z ON Semiconductor SPS1M002A SPS1M003A SPS1M-EVK Panasonic PAN1326B PAN1720 PAN1721 PAN1740 PAN1760 PAN1761 Susumu RG series TE Connectivity USB connectors