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Microchip — Introducing the dsPIC33CH Dual-Core Family


         System developers designing high-end embedded control applications with multiple software teams can benefit from a new Digital Signal Controller (DSC) with two dsPIC® cores in a single chip enabling easier software integration. The dsPIC33CH has one core that is a master while the other is a slave. The slave core is for executing dedicated, […]

Panasonic — Panasonic’s PIR Motion Sensors (PaPIRs)


         Panasonic’s PIR motion sensors use simplified circuitry with fully integrated sensor design. With only 1 micro ampere current consumption, they are suitable for battery-driven wireless equipment and are a no-lead (Pb) eco-friendly sensor. The line now includes the new “Saturn Lens,” designed to realize two functions in one lens! PaPIR Sensors – Saturn Lens […]

Panasonic — What Is New with the Grid-EYE® Array Sensors!


Grid-EYE® Infrared Array Sensor, Now with Higher Accuracy and Longer Detection Distance! Panasonic’s Grid-EYE is an 8 x 8 (64) pixel infrared array sensor. This sensor offers digital output (I2C) for thermal presence, direction, and temperature values. The built-in lens includes a 60° viewing angle. The Grid-EYE features compact SMD design using MEMS thermopile technology. […]

Qualcomm — Qualcomm/RF360 Offers BAW/SAW/TC SAW Filter Solutions for a Wide Range of Connectivity Applications, Including Wi-Fi, BT, and GPS


To view all parts: These products are available for consumer electronics (from wearables to appliances), industrial (e.g. robotics), and automotive – AEC Q200 applications (e.g. telematics/infotainment). The Qualcomm SAW/BAW technology portfolio provides the ability to offer unique filter solutions such as extractors, multiplexers, and integrated solutions. Qualcomm SAW/BAW filters can also be customized for specific […]

Susumu — World’s Smallest Low Noise Current Sensing Resistor


In high frequency electronics, unwanted noise added by the components themselves can become a significant issue. In order to address this, Susumu offers longer side terminal low resistance chip current sensing resistors. Their equivalent series inductance is so small that the signal integrity is preserved without adding extra noise. Susumu’s current sensors are also known […]

TE Connectivity — Future Electronics Awarded Global Distributor of the Year 2016 and 2017 by TE Connectivity


Future Electronics Awarded Global Distributor of the Year 2016 and 2017 by TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity — 3mm Low Profile Micro MATE-N-LOK Connectors


Low Profile Connector Excels in Tight Spaces TE Connectivity’s (TE) low profile micro MATE-N-LOK connectors have a vertical height of less than 4.7mm – about 45% lower than other members of the product family. These soft-shell connectors include right-angle surface mount headers and mating cable connectors. The line uses standard micro MATE-N-LOK contacts, with 24-20 […]

WIZnet — WIZnet’s New Serial to Ethernet Modules Are More Cost Effective Than the Traditional WIZnet S2E Series


         New S2E Modules with Cost Effective Prices WIZnet has released a new Serial to Ethernet module (S2E module) series, that are pin-to-pin compatible with WIZnet’s existing WIZ1XX series, at much more cost effective prices. Same HW Platform, Same SW Scheme Although the existing S2E modules were used in various fields, they were based on […]