Varta – Powering the Age of IoT – CoinPower


        VARTA’s CoinPower, the industry’s first rechargeable tiny lithium-ion coin cell, is powering the IoT by meeting the market demand for more energy in smaller sizes. With 6 patented innovations, CoinPower is now the preferred battery choice for manufacturers of space-constrained, portable devices that have high power drain requirements on batteries with 60mAh, 85mAh or […]

Varta – Primary Lithium Button and Cylindrical Cells


High Capacity, High Energy, Safe and Reliable Battery Solutions for Long Lasting Energy Supply in Lithium-Manganese Technology Modern metering and security automotive applications like energy meters, water meters, gas meters, heat cost allocators, medical pipettes, sensors and alert systems, home security sensors and sensor networks, automotive car alarm backup, road toll and e-call systems require […]