Diodes Inc. – AL16937: Buck Dimmable LED Driver


The AL16937 is a high performance, high power factor, high efficiency, and high current precision buck dimmable LED driver for triac dimmable LED lamp applications. The wide switching frequency operates at boundary conduction mode (BCM) to ease EMI/EMC design and testing, and to meet the latest regulatory standards. The AL16937 LED driver integrates 400V/3A MOSFET […]

Maxim Integrated – MAX14874: 4.5V to 36V Dual Relay/ Valve/Motor Driver


The MAX14874 dual push-pull driver provides a small and simple solution for driving and controlling relays and valves with voltages between 4.5V and 36V. It is also designed to drive brushed DC motors. Separate COM pins allow monitoring of individual driver load currents. Peak currents up to 2.5A ensure for PWM controlled large motor torque. […]

ON Semiconductor – NCL3008x: Power Factor Corrected Primary Side Control LED Drivers


The new NCL3008x family of PWM controllers combines precise primary side quasi-resonant current control with active power factor correction targeting isolated flyback and non-isolated buck-boost/SEPIC constant current LED drivers. The devices are able to tightly regulate a constant LED current from the primary side, eliminating the need for secondary side feedback circuitry or an octocoupler […]

Melexis – MLX83100: Automotive Full Bridge MOSFET Pre-Driver


The MLX83100 has the capability to simultaneously drive four 500nC-rated N-FETs at up to 28V operating voltage with minimal self-heating. The device supports 45V automotive load dump conditions. An integrated bootstrap function and charge pump allow for support of supply voltages down to 4.5V, ensuring continuous operation under automotive crank conditions. The device thereby supports […]

Fairchild Semiconductor – FAN3225T: Dual 4A, High Speed, Low Side Gate Driver


FAN3225T: The FAN3223-25 family of dual 4A gate drivers is designed to drive N-channel enhancement-mode MOSFETs in low side switching applications by providing high peak current pulses during the short switching intervals. The driver is available with either TTL or CMOS input thresholds. Internal circuitry provides an under-voltage lockout function by holding the output LOW […]

International Rectifier – IRSM505-024: 1.6A μIPM™-DIP Power Module


IRSM505-024: 1.6A μIPM™-DIP Power Module IRSM505-024 is a 3-phase Integrated Power Module (IPM) designed for advanced appliance motor drive applications such as energy efficient fans and pumps. The IPM offers a combination of low RDS(ON) Trench FREDFET technology and the industry benchmark half bridge high voltage, rugged driver in a compact 12 x 29mm SOP/DIP […]

Drivers – MIC4604: 85V Half Bridge MOSFET Driver with up to 16V Programmable Gate Drive


MIC4604: 85V Half Bridge MOSFET Driver with up to 16V Programmable Gate Drive The MIC4604 is an 85V half bridge MOSFET driver that features fast 39ns propagation delay times and 20ns driver rise/fall times for a 1nF capacitive load. The low side and high side gate drivers are independently controlled. The MIC4604 also offers TTL […]