Epson — Epson S1D13513 Display Controller with HW Graphics Engine for High-Resolution Color TFT Panels


Flagship display controller IC offers rich graphics functions and easy-to-use development tools to reduce time-to-market. The S1D13513 from Epson’s broad LCD controller portfolio is a highly integrated display controller capable of supporting TFT LCD panels up to XGA resolutions. With the flexibility of an external SDRAM memory interface, the low-power, cost effective IC supports a […]

Epson – S1C31W74 32-bit MCU with ARM® Cortex® M0+ Core and Built-in LCD Driver


        Epson’s low-power MCU family with rich peripherals offers ideal solutions for display in consumer and industrial applications The S1C31W74 MCU is a 32-bit MCU with embedded ARM® Cortex® M0+ core and features low-power operation. S1C31W74 also features a rich set of peripherals, serial interfaces and embedded LCD drivers that makes it […]