Infineon – 24V Protected Switch Shield with PROFETsTM for Ardunio


              Infineon’s PROFET +24V family of protected high side switches (BTT6xxx) drive resistive, capacitive, and inductive loads. For example – automotive bulbs, valves, motors, relays, capacitors, and LEDs. Using the 24V protected switch shield for Arduino enables fast, cost effective prototyping and evaluation of pin-to-pin compatible PROFET +24V devices. The shield is equipped with three […]

ON Semiconductor – From Connection to Communication


The industrial and consumer electronics industry has historically been driven by the need for cheaper, smaller, lighter, and simpler technology. The engineering challenge is to enhance these metrics while proving that technology will have relevancy, flexibility, and prominence in the future. The automotive sector is an ideal industry to observe how changes in technology can […]

Renesas – Low Power, Advanced Features and Extensive Tools for Automotive


Combining advanced features to deliver low power consumption and high performance, the RL78 Family of MCUs is designed specifically for ultra-low power applications that enable customers to build compact and energy-efficient systems at reduced costs. The RL78 Family includes a number of automotive solutions based on a 16-bit CISC architecture with rich functionalities. The platform […]

TE Connectivity – What Our Pressure Sensor Sees Moving at 2,468KM/H


Moments after liftoff, a spacecraft is subjected to crushing aerodynamic forces. That’s why solutions like TE Connectivity’s pressure sensors, designed in partnership with one of the most forward-thinking rocket manufacturers, are critical. Customizable, resilient, and designed for innovative applications in all major industries, TE sensors perform in the harshest environments.