Renesas – Introducing the New RX65N: Specifically Tailored for Today’s Embedded Processing Challenges


        Renesas’ new RX65N MCU, the latest addition to the RX600 Series, is architected to address the fast-changing requirements of today’s embedded processing applications. Offering a rich feature set, advanced security capabilities, and the superior 120 MHz Renesas RX v2 CPU core, the RX65N provides dual-bank flash memory with best-in-class speed, the […]

Renesas – Renesas Synergy™ Embedded Processing Platform: All-Inclusive Software Platform Solution Accelerates Design Innovation


With ever-shrinking time to market, developers are facing increased pressure to get more products with more features to market, but on the same or truncated timetables as in years past. This leaves little to no time to properly research the latest microprocessors, tools, and software packages to create differentiated products. Inevitably, as products are rushed […]

Susumu – New Precision Audio Resistor, the RS Series


Susumu, an innovative precision thin film chip resistor manufacturer, introduces the RS series, a new chip resistor series specially created for audio applications. Thin film resistors have been known to have better frequency characteristics, less noise, and less signal distortion than other types of resistors. It seems clear that for audio applications, the natural choice […]

Vicor – PI3526-00-LGIZ: Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulator


The PI3526-00-LGIZ is the latest addition to the Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulator Portfolio with a 48V (30 – 60 VIN) input. The PI352x is a higher current offering to the existing PI354x portfolio, enabling scalable power options for 48V Direct to Point-of-Load (PoL) applications. The PI3526-00-LGIZ is a 12V output regulator, supplying up to 18A, […]

FTM January 2018 Americas Edition


Application Spotlight: Power & Power Management Featured Articles from: Diodes Inc. – Ultra-Low Dropout 150mA: Supports Wide Input Voltage Range with Fixed Output Voltages ON Semiconductor – Superior Performance with ON Semiconductor’s SuperFET® III MOSFET Microchip – Going to Extremes with eXtreme Low-Power Technology (XLP) Stay up to date! Sign up to be notified when […]

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Altech CBI-RJTEMP CBI1210A CBI1235A CBI123A CBI126A CBI2410A CBI2420A CBI243A CBI245A CBI2801224A CBI2803648A CBI4810A CBI4810AP CBI485A CUI Inc. AE5-EW-S5 AE5-EW-S5-T AE10-EW-S5 AE10-EW-S9 AE10-EW-S24 AE10-EW-S5-T AE10-EW-S9-T AE10-EW-S24-T AE10-EW-S5-DIN AE10-EW-S9-DIN AE10-EW-S24-DIN AE15-EW-S5 AE15-EW-S9 AE15-EW-S24 AE15-EW-S5-T AE15-EW-S9-T AE15-EW-S24-T AE15-EW-S5-DIN AE15-EW-S9-DIN AE15-EW-S24-DIN AE40-EW-S12 AE40-EW-S15 AE40-EW-S24 AE40-EW-S12-T AE40-EW-S15-T AE40-EW-S24-T AE40-EW-S12-DIN AE40-EW-S15-DIN AE40-EW-S24-DIN AE10-UW-S5 AE15-UW-S12 AE15-UW-S15 AE15-UW-S24 AE40-UW-S12 AE40-UW-S15 AE40-UW-S24 VOF-180 VOF-225A […]

Altech — CBI All-in-One UPS Power Solutions


Altech® CBI All-in-One UPS Power Solutions Combine Power Supply, Battery Charger, Battery Care Module, and Backup Module in Single Device. CBI all-in-one UPS power solutions from Altech Corp.® combine multiple functions in a single device for use as a power supply unit, battery charger, battery care module, or backup module. This “intelligent” device is compatible […]

CUI Inc. — High-Density AC/DC Power Supplies Housed in Low-Profile Open-Frame Packages


Featuring high power densities up to 30W/in3, the VOF series of AC/DC power supplies from CUI’s Power Group offers efficiency up to 94% and supports loads of up to 550W continuous power. The VOF-180 series, rated for 180W, has an open-frame package with an industry-standard 2” x 4” footprint and is 0.75” high. The 2” […]

CUI Inc. — DC/DC Converters Ideal for Renewable Energy Applications


The AE series, available in board mount, chassis mount, and DIN rail mount configurations, offers power ratings of 5W, 10W, 15W and 40W with input voltages up to 1500Vdc and input ratio ranges up to 10:1. Designed for reliable operation in renewable energy applications such as solar power equipment, wind turbines, and electric charging stations, […]

Diodes Inc. — Ultra-Low Dropout 150mA: Supports Wide Input Voltage Range with Fixed Output Voltages


The AP7380 series of ultra-low dropout regulators introduced by Diodes Incorporated operates from a wide 24V input voltage range and offers various fixed output voltage options to address common system requirements. These features, combined with high accuracy and an ultra-low quiescent current, make this device well-suited for use in various USB power, portable equipment, consumer, […]