Future Electronics — Mid-Power LEDs: Now a Valid Low-Cost Light Source for Street Lights?


By: Emmanuel Gardette, Field Application Engineer, Future Electronics LED street lighting designs are entering a new phase. Lighting equipment manufacturers are attempting to maintain all the benefits of LED street lamps – their long operating lifetime, low power consumption, and pleasing light output with good colour rendering – while at the same time substantially reducing […]

Future Lighting Solutions – We Accelerate Time to Revenue


Making LED Lighting Solutions Simple™ We Accelerate Time to Revenue by Providing: The Most Comprehensive System-Level Product Portfolio Solid-State Lighting Expertise Design Support Services Global Supply Chain and Business Solutions Connect with us and learn more

Indium — Solder Fortification® Preforms


• Increase solder volume to strengthen solder joint • Improve shape and volume of fillet to ensure joints meet IPC specifications • Eliminate costly, time-consuming processes • Packaged in tape & reel to maximize pick rate To learn more, get the Whitepaper   ©2018 Indium Corporation  

Infineon — High-Performance MEMS Microphone with 69dB(A) SNR and Lowest Distortion


        The IM69D130 is designed for applications where low self-noise (high SNR), wide dynamic range, low distortion and a high acoustic overload point is required. IM69D130 is a high-performance digital MEMS microphone making use of Infineon’s Dual Backplate MEMS technology to deliver 105dB dynamic range and high output linearity up to 130dBSPL. The […]

IDT — HS3001/2/3: High-Performance Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors


The HS300x series is a highly-accurate, fully-calibrated relative humidity and temperature sensor. The high accuracy, fast measurement response time, and longterm stability, along with the small package size, makes the HS300x ideal for a wide number of applications from portable to harsh environments. An integrated calibration and temperature compensation logic provides fully corrected RH and […]

Mallory Sonalert — SMT, PC Pin, and Flange Mount Buzzers Deliver Better Functionality at Lower Cost


In order to keep up with the growing needs of industrial, medical, measurement, and consumer applications, Mallory Sonalert has expanded their board level buzzer offering again! Mallory is offering four new SMT buzzers with circuitry. Part numbers ASI09N27M-05Q (cut-tape) and ASI09N27M-05TRQ (tape-n-reel) utilize electromagnetic technology and have a voltage range of 3Vdc to 7Vdc, a […]

Maxim Integrated — MAX14878/79/80: 2.75kV and 5kV Isolated CAN Transceivers


The MAX14878-MAX14880 family of high-speed transceivers improve communication and safety by integrating galvanic isolation between the CAN protocol controller side of the device and the physical wires of the network (CAN) bus. The MAX14879 provides up to 2750VRMS (60s) of galvanic isolation, while the MAX14878/MAX14880 provide up to 5000VRMS (60s) of galvanic isolation. All transceivers […]

Melexis — MLX90380: Fast Pre-Programmed Magnetic Resolver IC


The MLX90380 is a monolithic contactless sensor IC sensitive to the flux density applied orthogonally and parallel to the IC surface. High-speed dual analog outputs allow the MLX90380 to deliver accurate sine/cosine signals when used with a rotating permanent magnet. With a wide range of operating temperature, supply voltage and magnetic flux density, the MLX90380 […]

Microchip — MIC28514/15: 75V Hyper Speed Control Synchronous Buck Regulators


The MIC28514/15 is a family of wide input range (4.5V to 75V) integrated FET, 5A switching regulators. The MIC28514/15 is leveraging the latest enhanced high voltage COT controllers co-packaged with a pair of low FOM power trench N-channel FETS with improved avalanche rating. The output voltage is adjustable down to 0.6V with ±1% accuracy. The […]

Microsemi — Award Winning Programmable Solutions from Microsemi


Microsemi‘s Award Winning PolarFire FPGA The Avalanche Development Kit allows developers to quickly prototype for the lowest-power mid-range FPGA platform on the market. At the heart of the kit is a 300k LE (logic element) PolarFire non-volatile FPGA from Microsemi. The PolarFire FPGA family is a cost optimized, lowest-power mid-range density FPGA family with proven […]