TE Connectivity — Potter & Brumfield Solid State Relays: SSRK and SSRM Series


TE Connectivity’s (TE) Potter & Brumfield solid state relays are featured in industrial applications, where silent, fast and long electrical life in switching is required. They are used in heating, lighting, industrial automation and industrial machinery applications. The SSRK and SSRM series are mounted on DIN Rail for loads up to 65A and 600VAC. BENEFITS […]

Triad Magnetics — Transformer with Independent Secondaries Offers Flexibility and Economy


Electronics engineers who design power circuitry for industrial or commercial equipment often find it’s easier and more cost effective to use a power transformer with independent secondaries, which can then be configured in series or in parallel. For this reason, Triad Magnetics has developed the PC Mount Split Pack -C2 Series Transformers. They feature a […]

TT Electronics — LRMAP5930 – Low Resistance Metal Alloy Power Resistors


         LRMAP5930 is a high power, low value SMT shunt resistor. With values down to 200μΩ and a corresponding power rating on FR4 of 10W, the maximum measurable current is over 200A, and therefore in most cases restricted only by the capacity of the PCB tracks. A power rating of up to 15W may be […]

VARTA — Ready-to-Use Lithium Rechargeable Batteries


The ready-to-use battery solutions allow design engineers to quickly and efficiently complete new product development. The VARTA Storage CellPac LITE product range is comprised of ready-to-use 3.7V Lithium Rechargeable batteries with capacities ranging from 595mAh to 2260mAh. Part of this offering is the EasyPack series of batteries that are comprised of Lithium Polymer cells which […]

Vishay — Power Metal Strip®


Vishay’s Power Metal Strip® current sensing resistors combine superior performance with a wide range of package sizes for automotive, consumer, and industrial motor control. Low ohmic resistance, in combination with low TCR and low thermal EMF, makes Power Metal Strip products the resistor of choice for high-current and high-power applications. BENEFITS OF POWER METAL STRIP® […]

WAGO — PCB Terminal Blocks for Power Electronics: More Power on Your PCB


Thanks to WAGO’s innovative spring pressure connection technology, the WAGO PCB terminal blocks for all applications ideally blend ergonomics and safety. Push-in CAGE CLAMP® enables solid and ferruled conductors to be connected by simply pushing them into the unit, while guaranteeing secure and maintenance-free connections for all conductor types. Furthermore, WAGO’s PCB terminal blocks are […]

Yageo — Metal Alloy Current Sensing Resistor PA Series for Motor Control


Yageo’s metal alloy current sensing resistor PA series is the best choice for precise current sensing applications, with low TCR (down to 50ppm/°C), low thermal EMF, and various power options in each case size. For motor control, this usually requires the usage of a current sensing resistor to have precise current feedback to achieve high […]