Future Electronics — Precision, Accuracy and Flexibility: New Products Bring the Best of Digital and Analog to the Signal Chain


Amar Abid-Ali Vertical Segment Director Future Electronics A properly functioning signal chain is essential to any interaction between electronics and the real world. The design of a high-performance signal chain presents engineering challenges which differ from application to application. For all, however, the goal is broadly the same: to process signals accurately and precisely enough […]

FTM September 2018 Americas Edition


Application Spotlight: Signal Chain Featured Articles from: ON Semiconductor’s RSL10 System-in-Package Provides Off-the-Shelf Short-Range Connectivity Vishay Discusses Swapping Polymer and Tantalum Capacitors for MLCCs STMicroelectronics’ 32-bit MCU Which Integrates Analog and Mixed-Signal Functions How to Efficiently Step a 400V DC Power Supply Down to a Point-of-Load Voltage in Just Two Stages Stay up to date! […]

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Abracon AX7 ClearClock™ ARRKP5062-S915B ACAG0301-24505500-T ams CCS801 CUI Inc. arcTEC™ Infineon BGT24MTR11 IFX1050G IFX1050GVIO IFX1040SJ IFX1051LE IFX1051SJ DEMOBOARDIFX1040SJTOBO1 DEMOBOARD IFX1050G Inventronics LUG-040SxxxDTE Maxim Integrated MAX40016ANL+T Nexperia 74LV1Txxx ON Semiconductor RSL10-SIP-001GEVB FAN65004B FAN65005A FAN65008B NCV210RSQT2G Renesas ISL85005 ISL85005A ISL85012 ISL85003DEMO1Z ISL85003ADEMO1Z STMicroelectronics SMA4F Series SMA6F Series STM32373C-EVAL Susumu HRG series Triad Magnetics VPP Series VPT Series […]

Abracon — AX7 ClearclockTM and IoT Antennas


POWER OPTIMIZED 119fs JITTER PERFORMANCEAX7 ClearClock™ 7.0 x 5.0 x 1.8 mm The AX7 ClearClock™ oscillator for next generation networking and RF applications leads the industry in low power consumption while maintaining typical jitter of 119fs. FEATURES 119fs jitter typical (F=322.265625MHz) Widest in class frequency range from 50MHz to 2.1GHz Lowest in class power consumption […]

CUI Inc. — Innovative Peltier Modules Provide Higher Reliability and Longer Cycle Life


CUI’s line of high-performance thermoelectric cooling modules features an innovative arcTEC™ structure which delivers superior cooling performance and a longer cycle life. CUI’s high-performance Peltier modules are available in a wide range of sizes and current ratings to meet the needs of various applications. They range in footprint size from the smallest at 20mm x […]

Future Electronics – Learn How You Can Leverage Future Electronics’ System Design Center


System Design Center 1 Concept Define • Create • Develop 2 Design Engineer • Refine • Document 3 Prototype Prove • Iterate • Learn 4 Manufacture Tool • Debug • Support  

Future Electronics — Maximizing the Efficiency of DC-DC Converters: How to Take Advantage of the Latest Topologies and Techniques


By Robert Gabrysiak Applications Engineer, Future Electronics (Poland) Read this article to find out about: The main characteristics of the most widely used DC-DC converter topologies The performance benefits of zero-voltage switching and synchronous rectification Components which enable designers to achieve efficient conversion of a rectified mains input to a point-of-load output as low as […]

Future Lighting Solutions — Making LED Lighting Solutions Simple™ by Accelerating Time to Revenue


Making LED Lighting Solutions Simple™ We Accelerate Time to Revenue by Providing: The Most Comprehensive System-Level Product Portfolio Solid-State Lighting Expertise Design Support Services Global Supply Chain and Business Solutions

Infineon — CAN Transceivers Offer Proven Quality in Industrial Applications


CAN transceivers from Infineon provide proven quality, a track record of reliability, and high robustness for use in automation applications. Features include excellent electromagnetic performance and low levels of EMI. They also offer compliance with the ISO 11898 standard for CAN communication. The IFX1050G, IFX1050GVIO and IFX1040SJ devices are CAN transceivers supporting a maximum data […]

Infineon — Distance2Go XENSIV™ Radar 24GHz Development Board


24GHz sensor development kit utilizing Infineon BGT24MTR11 RF transceiver and XMC4200 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU series This development kit allows the user to implement and test several sensing applications at the 24GHz ISM band such as FMCW distance measurement, Doppler based movement detection, Doppler based direction of movement detection, and Doppler based speed measurements of […]