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Future Electronics – Analog Corner


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IDT — HS3001/2/3: High-Performance Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors


The HS300x series is a highly-accurate, fully-calibrated relative humidity and temperature sensor. The high accuracy, fast measurement response time, and longterm stability, along with the small package size, makes the HS300x ideal for a wide number of applications from portable to harsh environments. An integrated calibration and temperature compensation logic provides fully corrected RH and […]

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IDT – 5L35023: VersaClock® 3S Programmable Clock Generator


The 5L35023 is a VersaClock programmable clock generator and is designed for low power and high performance PCI Express applications. The device is a three PLL architecture design, and each PLL is individually programmable, allowing for up to five unique frequency outputs. The 5L35023 has built-in unique features such as Proactive Power Saving (PPS), Performance-Power […]

IDT – Compact Clock Generators Exceed Jitter Requirements of Upcoming PCIe Specification


IDT offers a comprehensive portfolio of PCI Express® (PCIe) clock generators that provide two, four, six or eight outputs. The 9FG timing family targets power- and space-constrained designs in both consumer and high performance applications, providing enterprise level performance while lowering the total cost of ownership. IDT offers the high-performance 9FG devices in three series: […]

IDT – High Efficiency, Turnkey Reference Designs for 15W Applications


          IDT’s wireless power reference kits are targeted for applications ranging from 5W to 15W. The turnkey wireless power reference solution is comprised of both a transmitter board (P9242-R-EVK) and a receiver board (P9221-R-EVK) that are WPC-1.2.2 compliant. The reference kit solution is a comprehensive turnkey wireless power reference design for immediate prototyping. An associated […]