Infineon – AUIRS20302S: Solutions for Battery-Powered Motor Control Applications


Infineon offers a variety of driver IC and MOSFET technologies that simplify design and increase efficiency in battery-powered circuits, half bridge and full bridge topologies and motor drive applications. Robust and highly integrated 3-phase gate driver ICs minimize component count and enhance reliability, while the StrongIRFET™ power MOSFETs with their ultra low on-state resistance and […]

International Rectifier – 75V StrongIRFET™ Power MOSFET Family


The new expansion of IR’s StrongIRFET MOSFET portfolio includes 75V devices for a wide variety of industrial applications including power tools, light electric vehicle (LEV) inverters, DC motor drives, Li-Ion battery pack protection, hot-swap and switched mode power supply (SMPS) secondary-side synchronous rectification. The new family of 75V StrongIRFET power MOSFETs feature ultra low on-state […]