intersil – ISL8541x Family: New Devices for High Performance DC/DC Conversion with Loads Up to 1A


Intersil’s ISL8541x family of buck regulators, consisting of the ISL85410, ISL85415 and ISL85418, offers the performance and features required by modern electronic devices; the devices are efficient, small and reliable, and operate across an unusually wide input voltage range. The ICs integrate PWM control, two power MOSFET, a compensation network, and a protection and monitoring […]

Intersil – Robust ISL8541x Sync Buck Regulators Ideal for Industrial Applications with 3V to 36V Wide Input Range


With industry leading technology in power management and analog products, Intersil provides innovative design solutions to maximize performance and reliability across a broad range of industrial applications including the smart home and smart grid, test and measurement systems, medical devices and factory automation. Programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, smart transmitters and general purpose data […]

Intersil – ISL85412/3: Wide VIN 150mA/300mA Synchronous Buck Regulators


ISL85412/3: Wide VIN 150mA/300mA Synchronous Buck Regulators The ISL85412/3 integrate both high side and low side NMOS FETs and feature a PFM mode for improved efficiency at light loads. This feature can be disabled if forced PWM mode is desired. The parts switch at a default frequency of 700kHz. By integrating both NMOS devices and […]