Fast Links : All active links from FTM, June 2016 edition

Aavid Thermalloy The Aavid Max Clip System TO-220 TO-218 TO-247 TO-3P TO-262 heat sink 50 standard extrusion profiles Altech Power Supply C&K HDT series RTE series KSC series HDT0001 RTE1010N14 RTE1600N44 RTE0400V04 RTE1000V14 KSC222JLFS KSC241JLFS KSC252GLFS KSC321GLFS KSC421J70SHLFS KSC441J70SHLFS Smart Card Connector Products Toggle Rocker Push-button Rotary Key Slide DIP Thumbwheel CUI Inc. NDM3Z-90HS NDM3Z-90HT […]

NIC Components Corp. – Performance Passives from NIC Components


With a focus on the latest technologies, NIC continues to expand its offering of “Performance Passives”. Each series uses cutting edge technology to provide you with the components you need for your designs. Low ESR Capacitors NPC, NSP, NSPX – Solid Electrolytic Temperature Range: -55°C ~ +105°C Capacitance: 10μF ~ 560μF Capacitance Tolerance: 20% Voltage […]

SEMTECH – Power Management Products


SemTech Power Management Products Learn More Wireless Charging Single controller, multiple standards Medium & Highpower Low-power Flexible, firmware based Neo-IsoTM Isolated Power Small form factor Silent operation Fast switching times Ideal relay replacement DC-DC Converters Buck & boost High efficiency Fast response Smallest footprint LDOs Ultra-low Iq Low voltage LED Drivers High efficiency Low noise […]

NXP – PCA9955ATW: 16-Channel Fm+ I2C-Bus 57mA/20V Constant Current LED Driver


Electronic content in automobiles increases each year. LEDs find new uses for exterior and interior lighting and as status indicators for driver and passenger control panels. New LED driver ICs – that do more than simply turn the LED on and off – are now available in automotive grade. Automotive LED applications can be broadly […]

ON Semiconductor – NCL3008x: Power Factor Corrected Primary Side Control LED Drivers


The new NCL3008x family of PWM controllers combines precise primary side quasi-resonant current control with active power factor correction targeting isolated flyback and non-isolated buck-boost/SEPIC constant current LED drivers. The devices are able to tightly regulate a constant LED current from the primary side, eliminating the need for secondary side feedback circuitry or an octocoupler […]

ON Semiconductor – NCL30085, NCL30086 and NCL30088: Power Factor Corrected AC/DC Drivers for LED Lighting


The NCL30085, NCL30086 and NCL30088 utilize a power factor corrected current control algorithm which makes them suitable for flyback, buck-boost, and SEPIC topologies. By operating in quasi-resonant mode these devices are able to deliver optimum efficiency across wide line and load levels. The innovative control methodology they employ allows strict current regulation to be achieved […]

International Rectifier – IRS2983: Versatile IRS2983 LEDrivIR™ Control IC Simplifies Design and Reduces Part Count for High Performance Dimming Applications


The IRS2983 employs primary side regulation that reduces component count and simplifies design by eliminating the opto-isolator and other components necessary for isolated feedback for fixed loads. The device also features a rapid start-up circuit that drastically reduces the turn-on time of the system. ADVANTAGES The new IC controller offers high power factor and low […]

International Rectifier – IRS29831: Highly Integrated IRS29831 LEDrivIR™ Control IC Optimized for Single Stage Flyback and Buck-Boost Topologies


The highly integrated IRS29831 LEDrivIR control IC is optimized for single stage flyback and buck-boost topologies used in LED drivers including LED bulb replacement, LED tube lighting and down lights. APPLICATIONS LED bulb replacement LED tube lighting LED down lights FEATURES Flyback or buck-boost LED driver with integrated 700V MOSFET High voltage start-up Primary constant […]

Diodes – AP1695: 500V Offline, High PF, High Efficiency Dimmable LED Driver IC


AP1695: 500V Offline, High PF, High Efficiency Dimmable LED Driver IC The AP1695 is a high performance power factor (PF) corrected LED driver for offline dimmable retrofit lamps. It uses a boundary conduction mode (BCM)/pulse frequency modulation (PFM) technology to regulate output current with high power factor/low THD, and low EMI. The AP1695 uses primary […]

Micrel – MIC2873/74: Camera Flash LED Driver Solutions Deliver Up to 1.2A


MIC2873/74: Camera Flash LED Driver Solutions Deliver Up to 1.2A The MIC2873/MIC2874 is a family of ultra-compact, camera flash LED drivers that integrates a 1.2A boost converter and LED driver circuit into a small 9-pin, 1.3 x 1.3mm chip scale package. Operating from 2.7V to 5.5V and featuring up to 92%efficiency, these solutions are ideally […]