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Aavid Thermalloy The Aavid Max Clip System TO-220 TO-218 TO-247 TO-3P TO-262 heat sink 50 standard extrusion profiles Altech Power Supply C&K HDT series RTE series KSC series HDT0001 RTE1010N14 RTE1600N44 RTE0400V04 RTE1000V14 KSC222JLFS KSC241JLFS KSC252GLFS KSC321GLFS KSC421J70SHLFS KSC441J70SHLFS Smart Card Connector Products Toggle Rocker Push-button Rotary Key Slide DIP Thumbwheel CUI Inc. NDM3Z-90HS NDM3Z-90HT […]

CUI INC – 90A Digital PoL Module NDM3Z-90, Provides Wide Range of Control and Monitoring Features


        The new NDM3Z-90 non-isolated module, available in low-profile vertical and horizontal packages, provides an output of up to 90A. It is intended to meet the requirements of the latest FPGAs, processors and microcontrollers for very high power together with sophisticated control and monitoring capabilities. The module incorporates a range of advanced digital features, including […]