ON Semiconductor – LV8811/13: Next Generation Fan Motor Drivers


The LV8811/13 are 3-phase BLDC motor drivers with 180° sinusoidal waveforms. Designed for use in cooling fans of household appliances such as refrigerators, as well as games consoles and computing equipment, the LV8811 and LV8813 have voltage ranges of 3.6V to 16V and 6V to 16V respectively. These highly integrated, software-less motor drivers simplify motor […]

ON Semiconductor – USB C


USB Type-C applications have transformed wired connectivity. Devices can now communicate, charge, and exchange graphics across a single cable. Multiple cables and connectors married to power bricks can now be simplified to not just a single cable but also a single port. This will undoubtedly simplify the variety and amount of ports on a computer. […]

ON Semiconductor – FAN53200: 5A, 2.4MHz, Digitally Programmable TinyBuck® Regulator


The FAN53200 is a step down switching voltage regulator that delivers a digitally programmable output from an input voltage supply of 2.5V to 5.5V. The output voltage is programmed through an I2C interface capable of operating up to 3.4MHz. Using a proprietary architecture with synchronous rectification, the FAN53200 is capable of delivering 5A continuous at […]

ON Semiconductor – More Than Power to You


ON Semiconductor has acquired Fairchild. Together, we deliver a more extensive product portfolio, a stronger presence in key markets of automotive, industrial and wireless, and increased technical and sales support. The Fairchild acquisition further advances our global leadership in power technology, by building a comprehensive portfolio of power discretes, integrated circuits and modules. ON Semiconductor’s […]

ON Semiconductor – From Connection to Communication


The industrial and consumer electronics industry has historically been driven by the need for cheaper, smaller, lighter, and simpler technology. The engineering challenge is to enhance these metrics while proving that technology will have relevancy, flexibility, and prominence in the future. The automotive sector is an ideal industry to observe how changes in technology can […]

ON Semiconductor – NCS199Ax and NCS21x Current Sense Amplifiers


                 The NCS199Ax and NCS21x devices are voltage output current shunt monitors that measure voltage across shunts at common mode voltages from -0.3V to +26V, independent of supply voltage. Multiple fixed gains are available: 50V/V, 75V/V, 100V/V, 200V/V, 500V/V, or 1000V/V. The low offset of the zero-draft architecture enables current sensing with maximum drops across […]

ON Semiconductor – Bringing Extensive Experience to the Protection, Monitoring, and Charging of Battery-Connected Devices


With the advent of the Internet of Things, battery-powered devices are quickly becoming the norm in many connected applications. ON Semiconductor offers unique solutions for the protection, monitoring, and charging of the battery-connected devices powering the Internet of Things. PROTECTION: LC05111/12/32 Battery Protection Controllers The LC051xx family of battery protection controllers integrates a battery protection […]

ON Semiconductor – NCP785A: Family of Very Wide Input Voltage Range Linear Voltage Regulators


ON Semiconductor’s new NCP785A is a high performance linear regulator, offering a very wide input voltage range of up to 450V, with an output current of 10mA. The NCP785A offers ±5% accuracy, extremely high power supply rejection ratio and ultra low quiescent current. The NCP785A is optimized for high voltage inputs, making it ideal for […]

ON Semiconductor – Field Stop II IGBTs for Solar Inverters Offer Reduced Losses, Fast Switching


ON Semiconductor’s new generation of insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) feature a robust and cost effective Field Stop II Trench construction offering improvements in both switching and conduction losses for inverter applications. Incorporated into the devices is a soft and fast co-packaged free wheeling diode with a low forward voltage. FEATURES Most devices are short […]

FTM May 2015 Americas Edition


This month’s Application Spotlight is Energy. Featured Articles from: NXP – Extend Your Battery Life with the New Low Power LCD Drivers from NXP Vishay – Save Space with Highest Energy Density and Low Profiles ON Semiconductor – Family of Very Wide Input Voltage Range Linear Voltage Regulators ROHM – 2nd Generation High Voltage Silicon […]