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Aavid Thermalloy The Aavid Max Clip System TO-220 TO-218 TO-247 TO-3P TO-262 heat sink 50 standard extrusion profiles Altech Power Supply C&K HDT series RTE series KSC series HDT0001 RTE1010N14 RTE1600N44 RTE0400V04 RTE1000V14 KSC222JLFS KSC241JLFS KSC252GLFS KSC321GLFS KSC421J70SHLFS KSC441J70SHLFS Smart Card Connector Products Toggle Rocker Push-button Rotary Key Slide DIP Thumbwheel CUI Inc. NDM3Z-90HS NDM3Z-90HT […]

Lattice Semiconductor – Comparing Circuit Board Power Management Architectures


Power management architectures used in circuit boards can be broadly classified into 5 types (Figure 1 through Figure 5). Some designs combine one or more architectures to overcome the individual limitations of each architecture. Typically, circuit board payload components (ASIC/SOC/CPU) and the input power supplies determine both the power network as well as the management […]