Intersil – ISL32740E/41E: High-Speed RS-485 Transceivers with Highest Reinforced Isolation


The ISL3274xE is a family of high-speed, isolated RS-485 differential bus transceivers that provide 40Mbps bidirectional data communication for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks. The ISL32741E offers 1,000VRMS working voltage and 6kV of reinforced isolation, more than 2x higher than competitive solutions. The higher working voltage and reinforced isolation is required for today’s most […]

Monolithic Power Systems – MP4433: 36V, 3A Synchronous Step-Down Converter


The MP4433 is a frequency-programmable (350kHz to 2.5MHz), synchronous, step-down switching regulator with integrate high-side and low-side power MOSFETs. It provides up to 3A of highly efficient output current with current mode control for fast loop response. The wide 3.3V to 36V input range accommodates a variety of step-down applications in automotive input environments and […]

Vicor – PI3526-00-LGIZ: Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulator


The PI3526-00-LGIZ is the latest addition to the Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulator Portfolio with a 48V (30 – 60 VIN) input. The PI352x is a higher current offering to the existing PI354x portfolio, enabling scalable power options for 48V Direct to Point-of-Load (PoL) applications. The PI3526-00-LGIZ is a 12V output regulator, supplying up to 18A, […]

ON Semiconductor – NCP1129/26/24: High Voltage Switching Regulator for Offline SMPS


The NCP1129, NCP1126 and NCP1124 can deliver up to 25W, 15W and 12W respectively and each generate a jittered 65kHz or 100kHz switching frequency, resulting in marked improvements in electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance. They integrate a fixed frequency peak current mode controller with a low on-resistance high voltage, 650V MOSFET. The NCP112x devices all have […]

intersil – ISL78268: 55V Buck Controller with Integrated 3A Driver


The ISL78268 is a 55V synchronous buck controller with 3A integrated high side and low side drivers. The most versatile high voltage buck solution available, the ISL78268 buck controller provides very high step-down efficiency for a wide variety of load currents from under 5A to over 25A, enabling it to support virtually every 12V, 24V, […]

Microchip – MCP19114/5: Digitally Enhanced Power Analog Synchronous Low Side PWM Controllers


MCP19114/5: Digitally Enhanced Power Analog Synchronous Low Side PWM Controllers The MCP19114 and MCP19115 hybrid digital-analog control solutions offer the speed and responsiveness expected of a high performance analog control loop; the flexibility expected of a digital MCU; operate across wide operating voltage ranges; support conventional 5V, 12V, and 24V rails; and meet automotive load […]

Intersil – ISL85412/3: Wide VIN 150mA/300mA Synchronous Buck Regulators


ISL85412/3: Wide VIN 150mA/300mA Synchronous Buck Regulators The ISL85412/3 integrate both high side and low side NMOS FETs and feature a PFM mode for improved efficiency at light loads. This feature can be disabled if forced PWM mode is desired. The parts switch at a default frequency of 700kHz. By integrating both NMOS devices and […]

Intersil – ISL8216M: 80V, 4A DC/DC Power Module


ISL8216M: 80V, 4A DC/DC Power Module The ISL8216M is a turnkey power module solution that requires only five external components, streamlining power supply design and reducing design and manufacturing risk. The ISL8216M power module is packaged in a rugged thermally enhanced 15 x 15 x 3.6mm over-molded High-Density Array (HDA) package, which permits full load […]

Exar – XR76108/12/15: PowerBlox™ Synchronous Step Down COT Regulators


XR76108/12/15: PowerBlox™ Synchronous Step Down COT Regulators The XR761xx family is specified with a wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 22V and delivers an adjustable output voltage from 0.6V to 18V. With its exceptional 0.1% line regulation across the entire input voltage range and 1% output accuracy over full temperature range, XR761xx provides increased […]

Power Regulation, Conversion and Management – NCV8876: Automotive Grade Power Management


NCV8876: Automotive Grade Power Management Running off a 2V to 44V input voltage, the NCV8876 non-synchronous boost controller with automatic wake-up and shutdown functions is designed to supply a minimum output voltage during start-stop conditions in order to counteract any sag in the vehicle’s battery voltage. The NCV8876 is enabled when the supply voltage drops […]