Fast Links: All active links from FTM, September 2016 edition

C&K Tactile Toggle Rocker Push-Button Rotary Key Slide DIP Smart Card Connnectors HDT Series RTE Series KSC Series CUI INC Power supplies SMI10-USB SWI10-N-USB SWI10- E-USB Crydom DIN rail mount Panel Mount Nova22 E-Switch TL3750 Everspin MRAM Non-volatile MRAM Infineon Switch mode power supply OptiMOS IRFH7084TRPBF MOSFETS Intersil RS-485 Transceiver Intersil high speed transceivers ISL68200 […]

CUI INC – 10W USB AC-DC Power Supplies Comply with Strict US and European Efficiency Standards


         CUI has announced a new line of wall plug-in AC-DC power supplies featuring an integrated USB connector and complying with both US Level VI and European CoC Tier 2 standards. The 10W SMI10-USB, SWI10-N-USB and SWI10- E-USB are all designed to meet the stringent Level VI average-efficiency and no-load power requirements in effect as […]

CUI INC – Compensation-Free Voltage Regulators: The Continuing Evolution of Digital Compensation


By: Bruce Rose, Principal Applications Engineer, CUI Inc Feedback and Compensation of Voltage Regulators Traditional power supplies and voltage regulators are able to produce stable output voltages due to the incorporation of control loops with negative feedback. A major challenge to properly implement negative feedback is to provide the correct frequency compensation associated with the […]

Future Electronics – Extending the Life of Aluminium Capacitors: How to Calculate the Effect of Operating Conditions


By: Marcin Chelminski, Central Applications Engineer, Future Electronics The aluminium capacitor is a common feature of power supplies, since it is the most suitable type of capacitor for functions such as energy storage and low and high frequency filtering. These functions call for the high capacitance values and high power ratings that a reasonably priced […]

TE Connectivity – SRB Series: Minimum Depth, Cost Effective Shielded Power Inlet Filter


TE Connectivity offers a complete line of Corcom power inlet filters and power entry modules that solve a variety of power entry needs by combining functions to reduce cost, space and labor. By combining an industry standard IEC 60320-1 power plug receptacle with multiple options for fusing, voltage selection, switching and filtering, one power inlet […]

TE Connectivity – Current Sensing Resistors Deliver Solutions Over Wide Resistance, Power and Size Ranges


When designing power supplies and regulated battery circuits, the aim is to eliminate the risk of short circuits or overcurrent conditions which are likely to damage other components. TE Connectivity’s current sense resistors are a simple and economic solution. What is a Current Sensing Resistor? Current sensing products are established industry favorites among resistive products which, as with most common passive products, […]