Renesas – RZ Family of ARM® Microprocessors


High-Resolution HMI and Embedded Vision for Industrial, Home and Security Applications The Renesas RZ family of ARM microprocessors (MPUs) enables high-resolution human-machine interface (HMI) and embedded vision with a range of single- and multi-core ARM Cortex®-A7, -A9 and -A15 cores with support for multiple cameras and displays with alpha blending, 2D/3D graphics, and H.264 video […]

Renesas – RZ/A1 Series: The Renesas RZ Family of ARM-based High-Performance MPUs Innovative Architecture & Advanced Integration


Renesas RZ/A1 series microprocessors (MPUs) offer an innovative architecture based on the ARM Cortex®-A9 processor and up to an industry-leading 10MB of on-chip memory. RZ/A1 MPUs can execute code at 1000 DMIPS from the abundant on-chip memory or in-place from inexpensive QSPI memory, while using on-chip memory for graphics buffering up to WXGA (1280×800) resolution. […]

Renesas – RZ/A1 Series: Create Superior HMI Designs with Fewer Components Using Renesas’ RZ/A1 MPUs


On-chip functions provided by RZ/A1 MPUs reduce BOM cost, save board space and minimize integration tasks. Typical applications like the one shown below take advantage of a rich portfolio of intellectual property from Renesas and can utilize a range of built-in peripherals, including: CMOS camera interface, JPEG Codec Unit, 12-bit ADC, and OpenVG 2D graphics […]