ams – SL900A EPC Sensor Tag and Data Logger IC


The SL900A is an EPC tag IC operating in semi-passive mode (battery-assisted passive) as well as in fully passive mode. The chip is ideal for applications using thin and flexible batteries (1.5V or 3V) for autonomous logging from the integrated temperature sensor or external sensors with time-stamp from on-chip real-time clock (RTC). FEATURES Energy harvesting […]

ams – SL13A & SL900A: Sensor-Enabled RFID Tags Extend Wireless Data-Logging Beyond Identification


On-board temperature sensor enables physiological or environmental data to be logged by a simple wireless tag. These next-generation sensor-enabled RFID tags offering breakthroughs for medical, automotive safety and other applications where temperature, physiological or environmental data is required. The devices, the SL13A and SL900A enable simple, low cost implementation of a class of wireless data-logging […]