GCT – Ultra Low Profile Micro USB and Next-Gen USB Type-C Empower GCT’s Interconnect Range


GCT’s comprehensive selection of USB connectors are designed with versatility in mind. Covering a wide variety of applications, they are available with various combinations of form factors, interface and version types to meet your exact requirements. One of GCT’s latest innovations available through Future Electronics is the USB3160 Vertical Micro USB connector with one of […]

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CUI USB 2.0 Cypress Bluetooth Low Energy EZ-BLETM PSOC® MODULES Infineon BGS12PN10 BGS13PN10 BGS14PN10 IDT P9242-R-EVK P9221-R-EVK METZ CONNECT Field Plug Pro NXP Kinetis KW41Z MCU FRDM-KW41Z USB-KW41Z ON Semiconductor SPS1M002A SPS1M003A SPS1M-EVK Panasonic PAN1326B PAN1720 PAN1721 PAN1740 PAN1760 PAN1761 Susumu RG series TE Connectivity USB connectors

TE Connectivity – 2108877-1 and 21088831: Waterproof IP68 Micro USB 2.0 Connector


As consumer electronics get thinner and smaller, they become increasingly vulnerable to water and dust. Being able to support electronic devices with waterproof and dustproof components is just as important as footprint compatibility. With this in mind, TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the Waterproof IP68 Micro USB Connector Type B. Designed to seal the connector perimeter, […]