Vishay — Ambient Light Sensor, VEML6030 and VEML7700


Vishay’s VEML6030 and VEML7700 are the next best thing to a lux meter at a fraction of the cost. Under all lighting conditions, their output is within 10% of a calibrated lux meter. They incorporate photodiodes, amplifiers, analog/digital circuits, and an I2C interface on a single chip. Available in top or side-view. OPTICAL FEATURES Matches […]

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Vishay – Wearable Technology


                 UVI VEML6075 UVA and UVB sensor with 16-bit resolution per channel Peak sensitivity at 330 nm and 365 nm 1.8 V low-voltage operation in compact 4-pin package DISPLAY CONTROL VEML6040 RGBW sensor 16-bit resolution for each channel Selectable maximum detection range (up to 16000 lux) TEMD6200FX01 Analog 0805 ambient light sensor Sensitive area of […]