Vishay — Apples to Apples? Considerations When Substituting Polymer and Tantalum Capacitors for MLCCs


By Craig Hunter, Senior Director, Global Marketing Communications and Dave Richardson, Senior Manager of Field Applications, Vishay Intertechnology OEMs are today suffering from shortages of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs), especially for devices in large case sizes and in high capacitance values. This has led them to evaluate the polymer tantalum capacitor as an alternative for […]

Vishay — SensorXplorer Evaluation Kits for the Light to Digital Portfolio


SensorXplorer Hardware The SensorXplorer™ base station includes the board shown below and a USB to Micro USB cable. The sensor board plugs into the port shown. The USB cable plugs into a Windows-based PC. Evaluation Software To download a sensor board software, go to You will find an installation guide and software for each […]

Vishay — Power Metal Strip®


Vishay’s Power Metal Strip® current sensing resistors combine superior performance with a wide range of package sizes for automotive, consumer, and industrial motor control. Low ohmic resistance, in combination with low TCR and low thermal EMF, makes Power Metal Strip products the resistor of choice for high-current and high-power applications. BENEFITS OF POWER METAL STRIP® […]

Vishay — 3-Channel Slotted Interrupter for Turn and Push Applications


    The TCUT1630X01 has two phototransistors for resolving the speed and direction of the encoding media and a third phototransistor below them to sense a push or a rotation flag. Ideal for push-and-turn knob applications or counting revolutions. FEATURES Surface mount package AEC-Q101 automotive qualified Moisture sensitivity level of 1 Operating temperature of 105°C Typical […]

Vishay — Solutions for Human Machine Interface Systems


Offering components that meet the challenges of increasingly complex HMI applications: face recognition, voice triggering, and gesture sensing… INDUCTORS IHLD-4032KB-5A Low profile, high current dual inductors save space and offer high temperature range for Class D Amplifiers   DIODES PLZ Series Zener Diodes 500 mW Zener diodes in low profile MicroSMF (DO-219AC) eSMP® series package […]

Vishay — Ambient Light Sensor, VEML6030 and VEML7700


Vishay’s VEML6030 and VEML7700 are the next best thing to a lux meter at a fraction of the cost. Under all lighting conditions, their output is within 10% of a calibrated lux meter. They incorporate photodiodes, amplifiers, analog/digital circuits, and an I2C interface on a single chip. Available in top or side-view. OPTICAL FEATURES Matches […]

Vishay — DG3257: 700 MHz -3dB Bandwidth, Single SPDT Analog Switch


DG3257 is a low RON, high bandwidth analog switch configured in single SPDT. It achieves 5Ω switch on resistance, greater than 700MHz -3dB bandwidth with 5pF load, and a channel to channel crosstalk at -32dB and isolation at -33dB. Fabricated with high density sub micro CMOS process, the DG3257 provides low parasitic capacitance, and handles […]

Vishay — NTC Thermistors Provide Intelligent Thermal Management Options for High Brightness LED (HB-LED) Lighting Systems


High brightness, high power LEDs (HB-LEDs), although quite efficient light sources, still generate a lot of heat. When not controlled, high LED-die temperatures can significantly reduce the luminous flux output and lifetime of the LEDs. To ensure a highly reliable LED lighting system, the LED-die temperature needs to be controlled. One of the most efficient […]

Vishay — IHLP® Power Inductors: Low-Profile Power Inductors in a Nutshell


APPLICATIONS DC/DC converters Power supplies for computers, notebooks, graphic cards, servers Class “D” amplifiers LCD TVs and portable MP3 speakers LED driver power Commercial LED lighting LCD display backlights Automotive DC/DC converters Filters for noise suppression All currently available IHLP footprints meet or exceed AEC-Q200 Grade 0 and Grade 1 requirements SATURATION – IHLP VS. […]