Vishay — 3-Channel Slotted Interrupter for Turn and Push Applications


    The TCUT1630X01 has two phototransistors for resolving the speed and direction of the encoding media and a third phototransistor below them to sense a push or a rotation flag. Ideal for push-and-turn knob applications or counting revolutions. FEATURES Surface mount package AEC-Q101 automotive qualified Moisture sensitivity level of 1 Operating temperature of 105°C Typical […]

Vishay — Solutions for Human Machine Interface Systems


Offering components that meet the challenges of increasingly complex HMI applications: face recognition, voice triggering, and gesture sensing… INDUCTORS IHLD-4032KB-5A Low profile, high current dual inductors save space and offer high temperature range for Class D Amplifiers   DIODES PLZ Series Zener Diodes 500 mW Zener diodes in low profile MicroSMF (DO-219AC) eSMP® series package […]

Vishay — Ambient Light Sensor, VEML6030 and VEML7700


Vishay’s VEML6030 and VEML7700 are the next best thing to a lux meter at a fraction of the cost. Under all lighting conditions, their output is within 10% of a calibrated lux meter. They incorporate photodiodes, amplifiers, analog/digital circuits, and an I2C interface on a single chip. Available in top or side-view. OPTICAL FEATURES Matches […]

Vishay — DG3257: 700 MHz -3dB Bandwidth, Single SPDT Analog Switch


DG3257 is a low RON, high bandwidth analog switch configured in single SPDT. It achieves 5Ω switch on resistance, greater than 700MHz -3dB bandwidth with 5pF load, and a channel to channel crosstalk at -32dB and isolation at -33dB. Fabricated with high density sub micro CMOS process, the DG3257 provides low parasitic capacitance, and handles […]

Vishay — NTC Thermistors Provide Intelligent Thermal Management Options for High Brightness LED (HB-LED) Lighting Systems


High brightness, high power LEDs (HB-LEDs), although quite efficient light sources, still generate a lot of heat. When not controlled, high LED-die temperatures can significantly reduce the luminous flux output and lifetime of the LEDs. To ensure a highly reliable LED lighting system, the LED-die temperature needs to be controlled. One of the most efficient […]

Vishay — IHLP® Power Inductors: Low-Profile Power Inductors in a Nutshell


APPLICATIONS DC/DC converters Power supplies for computers, notebooks, graphic cards, servers Class “D” amplifiers LCD TVs and portable MP3 speakers LED driver power Commercial LED lighting LCD display backlights Automotive DC/DC converters Filters for noise suppression All currently available IHLP footprints meet or exceed AEC-Q200 Grade 0 and Grade 1 requirements SATURATION – IHLP VS. […]

Vishay – Generating Isolated Supplies for Industrial Applications Using the SiC462 in an Isolated Buck Topology


By: Ron Vinsant, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. Introduction Industrial power applications typically require a high input voltage. Standard voltage rails are 24V, 36V, and 48V. The DC/DC step-down (buck) switching regulators and controllers used to power circuitry in industrial applications are required to provide the solid, reliable performance needed for environments subject to noise, power surges, […]

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Vishay – SiC46X microBUCK® SERIES


Vishay – VCNL4200: High Sensitivity Long Distance Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor with I2C Interface


VCNL4200 integrates a high sensitivity long distance proximity sensor (PS), ambient light sensor (ALS), and 940nm IRED into one small package. It incorporates photodiodes, amplifiers, and analog to digital converting circuits into a single chip using a CMOS process. The 16-bit high resolution ALS offers excellent sensing capabilities with sufficient selections to fulfill most applications […]