WAGO — PCB Terminal Blocks for Power Electronics: More Power on Your PCB


Thanks to WAGO’s innovative spring pressure connection technology, the WAGO PCB terminal blocks for all applications ideally blend ergonomics and safety. Push-in CAGE CLAMP® enables solid and ferruled conductors to be connected by simply pushing them into the unit, while guaranteeing secure and maintenance-free connections for all conductor types. Furthermore, WAGO’s PCB terminal blocks are […]

Wago – Small is Big


Try it for FREE… Register to qualify to receive your sample. Surface Mount PCB Terminal Blocks Featuring: Ultra-low profile Push-in wire connection Easy wire release features For all your compact controls applications 2059 | 2060 | 2061

Wago – 811 Series, 828 Series 2706 Series and 2716 Series: Lever Up… Lever Down, it’s that easy.


WAGO combines the reliable and maintenance free CAGE CLAMP® connection technology with an intuitive lever operation. Try it for FREE… Register to qualify to receive your sample 811 Series Fuse Holder: 30A, 600V AC/DC Class CC and midget fuse holder 30A, 1000V DC photovoltaic fuse holder Available in multi-pole configuration and with indication 14 – […]

WAGO – From Box To Ballast: Connect with WAGO


Splicing Wire Connectors – for the junction box or internal fixture wiring 773 Series WALL-NUTS® No twist, no tape…just push it in—done! 222 Series LEVER-NUTS® Versatility personified! 28 -12AWG with re-usable lever operation 224 Series Solid wire push-in one side/stranded wire other side…perfect installation connector for fans & fixtures.     Wire-to-Wire Connectors – for error-free […]