Infineon – Standard Human Machine Interface Kit: KIT_XMC45_EE1_002


The CPU board CPU_45A-V3 houses the XMC4500 Microcontroller and three satellite connectors (HMI, COM, ACT) for application expansion. The board along with satellite cards (e.g. HMI_OLED-V1, COM_ETH-V1, AUT_ISO-V1, MOT_GPDLV-V boards) demonstrates the capabilities of XMC4500. The main use case for this board is to demonstrate the generic features of XMC4500 device including tool chain. The […]

Infineon – Standard Human Machine Interface Kit: KIT_XMC4x_HMI_OLED_001


The HMI_OLED-V1 board is an application expansion satellite card of Hexagon Application Kits. The satellite card along with a CPU board (e.g. CPU_45A-V2 board) demonstrates the Human Machine Interface (HMI) capabilities of XMC4500. The main use case for this satellite card is to demonstrate the HMI features of XMC4500 device including the toolchain. The focus […]

FTM May 2016 Americas Edition


Application Spotlight: Microcontrollers Featured Articles from: Infineon: XMC1400 and XMC4500 Microcontroller Series – One Platform, Countless Solutions! Renesas: The Renesas SynergyTM Platform Intersil: Single Phase, R4-Based Digital Hybrid PWM Controllers with a PMBus Vishay: Power Metal Strip® Resistor Handles Up to 0.5W in Space-Saving 1206 Case Size Stay up to date! Sign up to be […]

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Cypress FM4 Portfolio S6E2C Series FM4 S6E2C-Series Pioneer Kit (FM4-176L-S6E2CC-ETH) MB9B560R/N/M Series Diodes Inc. N-channel MOSFETs Exar XR33152 XR33156 XR33158 5.5V TIA-485 Transceivers TIA-422 Transceivers Fairchild FUSB302 USB Type-C Controller Future Connectivity Solutions FTF hands-on workshop Future Electronics Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power supply NRZJ series NIC Components NXP MOSFETs Nichicon Vishay miniature capacitors PS series CS […]

Infineon – XMC4500 Microcontroller Series for Industrial Applications


XMC4500 combines Infineon’s leading-edge peripheral set with an industry-standard ARM® Cortex®-M4 core resulting in a power pack for energy-efficient industrial applications. The XMC4500 devices are members of the XMC4000 family which are high performance and energy efficient microcontrollers optimized for industrial connectivity, industrial control, power conversion, sense and control. XMC4500 controllers feature a configurable peripheral […]