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Cypress FM4 Portfolio S6E2C Series FM4 S6E2C-Series Pioneer Kit (FM4-176L-S6E2CC-ETH) MB9B560R/N/M Series Diodes Inc. N-channel MOSFETs Exar XR33152 XR33156 XR33158 5.5V TIA-485 Transceivers TIA-422 Transceivers Fairchild FUSB302 USB Type-C Controller Future Connectivity Solutions FTF hands-on workshop Future Electronics Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power supply NRZJ series NIC Components NXP MOSFETs Nichicon Vishay miniature capacitors PS series CS […]

Zilog – Introducing ZNEO32! Zilog’s Line of 32-bit Cortex-M3 based Programmable Motor Controllers


        ZNEO32! uses high performance 32-bit computing, 3-phase PWM generators, and high speed ADC units to provide an effective, low cost system solution for motor applications. FEATURES: High performance low-power Cortex-M3 core 64KB, 128KB, or 384KB code flash Memory with cache function 8KB, 12KB, or 24KB SRAM 3-Phase PWM with ADC triggering function (1-2 channels) […]